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August 2019

Genesis 2 - Marriage

4 Aug - Daniel Marshall

In the Image of God (Genesis 1:26-2:25)

11 Aug - Dan Marshall

In the Image of God (Genesis 3:1-24)

18 Aug 19 - Gary Grut

July 2019

Power Up

7 July 19 - Abbey Reeve

It Starts with God - Genesis

14 July - Gary Grut

Genesis - Image of God

21 July - Gary Grut

Rodney Francis

28th July

June 2019

James 5:13-16

2nd June - Abbey Reeve
Prayer and Praise

Mark Oestreicher

9th June

Spirit - Come to Equip

16 June - Jamie Dempster

The Holy Spirit gives words

23rd June - Gary Grut
Sermon Notes for Life Groups

Spirit - Come to Speak

30 June - Gary Grut

May 2019

James 5:7-12

5th May - Daniel Marshall
Dealing with Suffering

James 5:13-18

19 May - Gary Grut

Faith and Adolesence

12 May - Dr Crystal Kirgiss

James 5:19-20

26 May 19 - Gary Grut

April 2019

James 4

7th April - Dan Marshall

Whanau Service

14th April - Abbey Reeve

Leadership Interviews

28 Aug 19 - Gary Grut

March 2019

Mike Stevens

3rd March

Len Butner

10th March

James - Favouritism

17th March- Gary Grut
James 2:1-13
Sermon Notes for Life Groups

James 3

24th March - Gary Grut
James 3:13-18
Sermon Notes for Life Groups


31st March - Gary Grut

February 2019

James from Trial to Triumph

3rd February - Gary Grut
James 1:2-18
Sermon Notes for Life Groups

James - Faith in Action

17th February - Gary Grut
James 1:21-25; 2:14-26
Sermon Notes for Life Groups

What to do with Anger?

10th February - Glenn Melville
James 1:19-21
Sermon Notes for Life Groups

James - Taming the Tongue

24th February - Jonathan Weir
James 3:1-12
Sermon Notes for Life Groups

January 2019

Dressed for Battle Eph 6:10-17

27th January - Gary Grut


20th January - Andrew Hoggard

Fresh Beginnings

13th January - Abbey Reeve

First Service

6th January - Dan Marshall

December 2018

The Last Sunday

30th December - Steve Parker

Christmas Message

23rd December - Gary Grut

Thanksgiving Sunday

9th December

Vision Sunday

2nd December

Whanau Month

Succeeding at being family

25th November - Nick TuiTasi

We are family

18th November - Rachel Roche

Do I really need a village?

11th November - Abbey Reeve

Why does my family need God?

4th November - Gary Grut

Minor Prophets


28th October - Daniel Marshall


14th October - Gary Grut


7th October - Gary Grut

NEHEMIAH (Whanau Service)

30th September - Abbey Reeve


23rd September - Gary Grut


16th September - Gary Grut


9th September - Gary Grut